FMC Quality Policy
Our commitment to excellence in upholding quality standard leads us to implement procedures for securing the ISO standard certification within a short timeframe. In this context, “Quality” is then the byproduct of our constant monitoring of the specifications of building materials an architect has outlined for a project.

We believe that the essence of true quality control is in constant inspection, coupled with our team’s knowledge base in standards and specifications. In order to accomplish our expectations from subcontractors, we inspect their work on a regular and consistent basis, with corrections made well before punch list reviews. Our key to success lies in our team’s ability to internally communicate and share ideas in order to improve our processes and performance.We, at FMC, believe that our client satisfaction guarantees the prosperity and durability of our company. Therefore, our Quality Policy is based on the:

1- Selection and allocation of appropriate resources
(Resources Control)

2- Execution of projects based on the required specifications
(Quality Control)

3- Delivery of Projects within the contractual period
(Time Control)

4- Completion of Projects within the agreed budget
(Cost Control)

5- Periodical and continuous reports and information to our Clients